About GlobalVizion

A smart way to learn

We have grown from the largest training centre in the Netherlands to a full-fledged provider of KNX e-learning. Home to some of the brightest minds of this country, we strive for perfection in the field of education. We provide GlobalVizion worldwide by different franchise train centres. The KNX course is available in different languages, learn to program in ETS 5 via the practical simulator.

2 Day practical course

To enter the KNX exam you need to be able to participate in 12 hours of physical practical sessions, after which you can take the theory and practical exams at the certified training centre. As long as you are able to present the e-learning certificate you can join the 2 day course. The price for these two days is to be determined by the training centre.

Become a franchise partner

We now offer you the option to participate. Are you an certified KNX training centre, and you want to grow your business to the next level. Contact us at sales@globalvizion.com